What People Say in JustHost Reviews

Web hosting has always been a dilemma that various businesses and individuals face, especially when they are putting up their own websites.  It is important to find a company that gives the best type of web hosting so that the people will not encounter a lot of problems.  There are a lot of reviews that people could check so that they might be able to know what people think about the different web hosting companies that have flourished.  It is best to know what others have experienced with their chosen hosting companies so that the people will be able to choose which company offers the best services.

Many businesses are after professional web hosting especially when they are after increasing the amount of traffic to their websites.  Many companies might say that their statistics are great but the reviews say otherwise.  For those who are unsure as to what web hosting company they should go with, the people have to check the different reviews first.  There are a lot of web hosting companies as well as a lot of feedbacks or reviews that tackle the advantages and disadvantages of going with these companies.  People have to know what are the pros and the cons first before they finally decide on what company to go with.

JustHost is one of the professional web hosting companies that have sprouted over the years.  JustHost has been an established company since 2002 and many have chosen this as their web hosting company of choice.  There are actually a lot of reviews concerning this company and most of them have mixed feelings towards it.  There are people who like the company and there are also those that do not recommend the company to other people.  It is best to read the reviews and study what they are saying before finally committing to the company.

In the past years, a lot of people have said in JustHost reviews that the company is indeed a great company.  The rates are very affordable and the people could already make use of various tools that they could make use when they put up their website.  Most of the people also praise the unlimited storage and bandwidth support that they get with JustHost.  A lot of people have been attracted to use JustHost because of these.  Personal blogs may not use these as much, but for websites that rely heavily on file transfers, these unlimited storage and bandwidth offers are very important.

A lot of people are also saying in the reviews that they also rely on JustHost because it has a money-back guarantee that they could easily get anytime.  If there are any problems concerning the hosting services that they do not like, they could easily get back the amount that they paid or the remaining amount that was not used.  There aren’t a lot of web hosting companies that are very open to giving the people a money-back guarantee.  JustHost has been said to be generous when it comes to catering to their customers who have complaints.

Nowadays, people who read the reviews about JustHost might be surprised as to the amount of negative feedback that the company has been getting.  Over the years, there are customers that expressed their dismay over the deterioration of the services offered by the company.  A lot of customers have been dissatisfied by what the company has been offering them and they are certainly looking for ways to transfer to other web hosting companies.  As a matter of fact, many customers who have left reviews about JustHost say that they do not recommend getting JustHost as their web hosting company.

One of the complaints regarding the company that could be found in reviews is the feedback regarding their customer service or technical support.  Though the official website says that they have excellent technical support, the reviews say otherwise.  Many people have complained that they were not able to get anything from technical support and many have been very frustrated when they were simply passed around from one agent to another as their problems could not be solved.  When it comes to this service, a lot of people have been very disappointed and thus, have resolved not to get JustHost as their web host again.

A lot of people also complain that the servers that JustHost uses are very slow, even though they pay additional fees to get access to faster ones.  Many businesses or individuals aim to increase the amount of traffic to their websites and slow servers could really be a big threat to this.  A lot of the e-mail servers of JustHost also continue to be blacklisted in a lot of instances, according to a lot of users.  This could be very devastating for those who have put up their websites using JustHost.

Though many people praise JustHost for having a low hosting cost, more people are agitated when it comes to their hosting services, as shown in a lot of JustHost reviews.  There are people who complain that their servers are almost always down, which could create a huge impact among those who do their business using their websites.  When servers are down, people cannot go about their businesses as well. Potential customers who visit the websites and find that they are almost always encountering downtime would then find other websites where they could get better access.  This would mean loss of customers and traffic to the people.

If people are to judge by the JustHost reviews whether they should go with the company or not, the answer is a no.  In the past, the company has been said to perform a lot better, but recently, more and more businesses are becoming angry and dissatisfied with the hosting services of the company.  A lot of the people are encouraging (and even commanding) the others to check other hosting companies because JustHost is not capable of giving the best services.  This could be very disheartening for JustHost, but until they manage to fix the issues that the people complain about, they will continue to lose more customers in the long run.  


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