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The best way to advertise or promote products and services is through the Internet. People spend a huge chunk of their time browsing through different web sites. They shop online, book flights online, seek love advice online, etc. So to enhance your business advertising strategies, you should consider including promotional materials and advertising them online.

To pull this off, you'll need to seek the services of the top web hosting services. Web hosting services can increase the visibility of your products and services. You always have the  option to run your own web site hosting server but that would be totally unnecessary. Unless your company has a large web site that causes busy traffic among users, it is better to sign up with top web hosting companies. They can save time and effort for you so that you can concentrate on the core functions and services of your business.

How Web Site Hosting Works

Web site hosting works with the help of servers. These servers are computers with a group of large hard drives that are connected to the Internet daily. If you are signed up to a web hosting company, they let you gain access to a partition of their server. Once your web page is created, you can turn it over to them so that they can publish it on the Internet.

People can then access your web page 24/7.  Web site hosting companies do not necessarily design web sites for their clients but top web hosting companies offer web design as a part of their packages. Many confuse web hosting with web designing. The former is a service that makes your web site available on the Internet by providing adequate bandwith to ensure that the traffic is supported well. The latter, on the other hand, is simply the creation of a web page by combining texts, images, and graphic effects.

Clients can avail of web site hosting and web designing services from different vendors, especially if their web site design specifications can only be executed by a certain team of designers. However, most top web hosting companies hire a team of web designers so that they can offer packages that come with web designing services. Often times, these packages are cheaper than if a client contracts the desired services from two different vendors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Web Site Hosting Services


Bandwidth is the gauge of how well the connection can transfer information. Not all web sites need large bandwidths. If the web site simply displays texts and photos, an average bandwidth is sufficient to keep the website running in a good pace. The web site will probably need less than 1 gigabyte to operate smoothly. However, a busy web site ,such as social networking sites, requires unlimited bandwidth. More web site visitors mean more expensive bandwidth. If your web page contains videos and music, you're going to have to secure a higher bandwidth. It pays to sign up with top web hosting companies because they can provide you with the premium bandwidth that your web page needs. They will provide various ranges of bandwidth that suit every web page requirement.

Disk Capacity

You have to consider the size of your web hosting company's hard disk. A web site hosting company with a small hard disk should be enough to accommodate all the components of your web site. Animation, videos, and hi-resolution pictures consume a lot of space. Top web hosting companies can accommodate the ample space for your web page components so if ever you post a video, your visitors can view it for longer hours.


E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is simply the online version of the products and services that you find in the real world. These include online airline ticket booking, online retail shopping, online rentals, and online stocks and trading. The interface of e-commerce web sites is usually costly but the emergence of various web site hosting services has made prices very competitive. Almost anyone can put up an online business easily. However, e-commerce owners should be mindful of the web hosts they choose. It has to meet the requirements of their sales strategies. For instance, they want to sell watches in different colors. They will want a clean interface for their online shoppers so they may want a programming option that changes a watch's color in a single photo. Top web hosting enterprises can perform sophisticated e-commerce functions.


The current popular method of listening to music and watching videos is by streaming. This is a quick way to enjoy various media because the user does not have to wait for the entire file to finish downloading before watching it. The video or music can simply be embedded in the web site and then the visitor can just click play and enjoy! For streaming, you can ask your top web hosting company to enable this option for you. You can also use a third-party service to do this.


You will have to check with your web host if their server is compatible with your programming language. For example, Active Server Pages or ASP.NET is a web application designed by Microsoft for web page and web application building. Since it is designed by Microsoft, it does not work well with servers that are Linux or Unix based. Seek a top web hosting service for greater flexibility.


Finally, a good web host should afford you the safety that your web page needs. The last thing you want to worry about in your online shopping web page is a third-party glitch by a hacker. You would not want customers to complain of hacked username and passwords. Customer support should always be available for assistance and aid.

If you scour the Internet for top web hosts, you will find that InMotion leads the pack of reputable web hosting services. They have different services such as personal/cheap hosting, business class hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and custom web design which are highly rated by extremely satisfied customers. They offer unlimited space and unlimited monthly traffic at an affordable $8.95 plan.

They have an exclusive Speed Zone technology that keeps data close to you as much as possible. This keeps the web pages running fast. InMotion even has data backup to secure vital information in the event of a glitch. Unlike many competitors, they offer fair deals to customers with a 90-day money back guarantee. Best of all, they maintain a group of competent support personnel that will assist you with your needs 24/7. This is what a top web hosting company is made of. Waste no time and visit to know more about their services.


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