Benefits of a Dedicated Server Hosting Service

A dedicated server hosting service essentially refers to a type of web hosting service wherein the host dedicates an entire server for a client's website. This kind of web hosting service is typically more efficient, as the client is given full control over the server. Those with this kind of hosting service gets full control over the kind of operating system and hardware used. If you are running an online business, this kind of server can be highly beneficial for your needs, as it can give you a larger return of investment without necessarily having to spend too much on overhead costs.

Most web hosting services offer Linux and other such enterprise-based operating systems at no extra cost, as it is typically included in the packages that they offer. GoDaddy dedicated servers are ideal for business uses, as they offer dedicated servers equipped with fast processors.

While dedicated sever hosting is much more expensive than shared hosting, the benefits of having your own server significantly outweighs the costs. The biggest problem with shared hosting is that, you will always find problems when it comes to the sever's stability. Since the server is shared with other websites, you don't get to fully maximize the speed of its processor and you don't get as much freedom when it comes to your sever's controls. GoDaddy offers some of the best dedicated server features, these include:

Operating System

With their dedicated server hosting, you have your choice of the kind of operating system you want to use. You can choose from the following operating systems; CentOS, Fedora, Windows and Ubuntu. Each operating system comes with several package options so that you can choose depending on your needs and your budget. If you prefer to use a commercial operating system like Windows, you can readily do so. However, majority of the operating systems include different variations of Linux.

Random-access Memory

You can choose up to 8 GB of RAM, depending on your needs. The basic economy package offers 2GB of RAM so you really won't experience much problems when it comes to performance.


Dedicated server hosting offers a bigger disk space compared to shared hosting, as storage is not divided according to the number of websites that the server supports.


Depending on the package you choose, you can get up to 3000 GB of Bandwidth, so you can be assured that your website will load fast anywhere.

Benefits of Using a Dedicated Server Hosting Server:

There are several reasons why a dedicated server is so much better than shared hosting, below are some of the most obvious benefits of using this kind of web hosting service:

Software Accessibility

With a dedicated server, you have easy access to the kind of software you need. The best thing about this feature is that you can choose a software that would be of use to you. Unlike shared hosting, you won't have to deal with software and other kinds of applications that other users use. 

Independence from Web Hosts

Since you get complete access to your server, you won't have much dependency on the web host. This gives you a chance to have full control over your server's support. You can immediately tweak the settings to improve the speed of your server without having to contact your web host for customer support. This is especially useful for businesses, as you will need to employ a reliable server.


As previously mentioned, a dedicated server hosting service gives you full customization features depending on your needs. It is for this reason that dedicated web servers are much more flexible. With shared hosting, your freedom only goes as far as your web host will allow you to. Since there are other websites on the server, you don't have power to change the kind of software already on the server, much more the operating system used for that specific server. With a dedicated server hosting service, you get your own control panel wherein you can readily tweak the settings according to your needs. 

Dedicated Servers are Much More Reliable

The biggest problem with shared hosting is speed and reliability. With dedicated servers, you won't have to worry about sharing bandwidth with other websites, so you won't have to deal with issues when it comes to loading time. If you are on shared hosting, you may have to deal with loading problems, as the speed at which your website loads significantly depends on the amount of traffic that other websites get. 


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of a dedicated server hosting service is in terms of security. Since no other website has access to the server, only you have the capability to upload files and applications. One of the biggest risks to shared hosting is that anyone on the same server can upload a file and if the file has a virus, your website can be affected too. With GoDaddy's dedicated servers, you can be assured that your server is safe at all times, as no one else has access to it but you.

IP Address

Most dedicated server hosting services offer unique IP addresses so you can be assured that the IP address you are going to get will only point to your domain. You won't have to deal with slow loading processes, as you get your own IP address.

If you want your website to be fast and efficient, then it would be to your advantage to get a dedicated server. GoDaddy offers several dedicated server hosting packages so that you can choose accordingly. For small websites, an economy package would probably suffice but if you have an online business, then you may want to avail of more elaborate deals. GoDaddy's dedicated server hosting packages are fully customizable. All you have to do is choose a package that's right for you so that you can start with the customization process. Rid your life of the hassles that come with shared hosting and give your website the speed and efficiency it deserves. Not only will you earn so much more without spending so much on overhead costs, you will also get the edge you need over your competitors.


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