3 Reasons Why Hosting for WordPress on Hostinger Is a Good Choice

WordPress is a well-known company when it comes to blogging. Anyone can easily start a blog for free with WordPress. However, the free blog does not allow you to customize your theme using CSS, gives only a sub-domain and other limitations that may frustrate some bloggers. If your main concern is the domain, WordPress has a good rate which allows you to own a domain for only $18 per year. Another option is to go to the best web host for WordPress in 2021 – Hostinger. It is currently hosting more than 8 million sites including WordPress blogs. Here are three reasons why hosting for WordPress on Hostinger is a good choice. 

Several Plans to Choose From 

The best companies are the ones that give you several options. Hostinger allows you to choose from three plans with different prices and features but all of them give you what you want – your own domain. 

You can settle for the cheapest plan, Hatchling Plan, at $3.96 a month rate. It gives a domain as well as unlimited bandwidth and disk space. It also lets you use a shared SSL certificate. This is useful if you are monetizing your WordPress blog. Internet users have learned their lesson no to trust everyone on the Web. The SSL certificate allows you to gain their trust because it secures communication and financial transactions.

If you want more than one domain, you can go for Hostinger’s Baby Plan that costs $6.36 per month. The plan gives all the features of the hatchling Plan but users can enjoy unlimited domains. 

The most expensive plan, the Business Plan, worth $10.36 a month also gives unlimited domain. It has more features than the first two. It lets you use a dedicated SSL certificate and it provides a toll free phone number. It is certainly the best choice for WordPress sites that are intended to be used for business. 

Ease to Use 

What’s a great web host if it will give you a hard time every time? Hosting for WordPress on Hostinger is truly a good choice if you are after ease of use. Hostinger uses cPanel and Quick Install. You can install Hostinger in just minutes with just one click. There’s no need for technical know-how. The cPanel then provides a good layout that allows you to navigate and control your account without difficulty. 

High Performance 

There is no doubt that Hostinger is the best web host for WordPress in 2021 in terms of performance. Unlike other web hosts, Hostinger will not give you problems just because your website is down when internet users are trying to visit. Hostinger certainly knows how much money and effort site owners have put on just to get some internet users to come to their site. It becomes useless when they find it having some server errors. You can avoid it by entrusting your WordPress site to a reputable web host like Hostinger. The company guarantees that the sites they host are up 99.9% of the time. They also provide enhanced security by running PHP as suPHP. 


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