3 Options When Hosting WordPress on DreamHost

Does your current web host always give you a headache? Are you new to hosting for WordPress and can’t pick from dozens of companies? Whatever the case may be, it is best to turn to DreamHost for web hosting needs. It offers lots of hosting services including VPS and WordPress hosting. In fact, it is considered as the best web host for WordPress in 2021. The features are still great. It is easy to use. Most of all, it lowers the monthly rate this year. Here are your options if you choose hosting for WordPress on DreamHost. 

Hatchling Package 

It is the cheapest package offered by DreamHost. Hosting on DreamHost can be as cheap as $3.96 a month. That’s if you will choose to use the web hosting service for three years. You get to pay $4.76 if you choose a 2-year contract. For one year hosting for WordPress on DreamHost, you will pay $5.56 a month. You can also choose to use the service only for a month and renew it whenever you need it. It will cost $7.16. 

The Hatchling package is a good choice for bloggers who focus on only one WordPress site. For the said rates, the Hatchling package gives a domain that comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and shared SSL certificate. 

Baby Package 

A Baby package is also available in monthly, yearly, two years, and three years contract. There is no difference with the rate whether you will choose the monthly or yearlong use of the web hosting service. The monthly rate is at $7.96. However, you can save a significant amount if you will choose to use the service for two to three years. 

The Baby package’s features are much similar to that of the Hatchling package. It provides unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and shared SSL certificate. What made it better than the cheaper package is that it provides unlimited domains. It is a good deal for people who love to manage more than one site. 

Business Package 

DreamHost also has a Business package. It is similar to the Baby Package only with added features. It is current rate is at $11.96 per month. The rate stays the same whether you will use it for one to 12 months. However, you can save a lot of money if you will choose to use it for 24 to 36 months. 

The Business package also provides unlimited domain, disk space and bandwidth like the Hatchling package. However, it provides a dedicated SSL certificate instead of a shared one. It also offers a free toll free phone number. 

Aside from the affordable price and nice features, DreamHost is the best web host for WordPress in 2021 because it is easy to install and use. Nonetheless, DreamHost has video tutorials and technical support that’s available 24 hours a day. With more than 400,000 people entrusting their site’s hosting to DreamHost, the company’s over 12,000 servers and reliable team guarantees 99.9% uptime. Each of the packages also comes with a money back guarantee that’s good for 45 days. 


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